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Default Re: winSPMBT - Brigade Combat Teams

Originally Posted by whdonnelly View Post
This source has a lot of the support illustrated, if you are in an evil mood and want to drop airborne on a resupply convoy or support battalion.
A useful resource. I've downloaded the pdf. Again, many thanks.

There are a number of items I would like to add, such as missles to the Abrams although many,if not most, think the M1 doesn't need 'em, I added Stinger to Mech Inf for organic AA support along with Javelin and MMG teams.

The following formations are suggested:

Mech Inf Platoon
Mech Rifle Section x 2
Tow Team x 1
Stiger Team x 1
Mech Inf Squad x 1
M2 x 4

Cavalry Platoon
Cavalry Scouts x 3
Stinger Team x 1
M3 x 6

Attack Recon Platoon
AH-64 x 1
OH-58D X 1

I'll fight with these guys.
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