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Default ThePantokratorNeedsAWife - Intermediate CBM1.94 - Submit Pretenders

A couple of other games have just come to a close for me, so it's time for a new game. This game is aimed at "intermediate" players - I will leave it to you to define if you fit in this category.

Details are as follows:

Map: Land Of Legends (unless there are major objections)
Era: MA
Hosting: Llamaserver, 28h initially then increase as required. Extensions given upon request - PM me AND post in the thread
Mods: CBM 1.94
Players: At least six - let's see how many we get
Settings: Default, but with score graphs off
Victory conditions: Hold at least half the capitals in the game (e.g. if there are 7 players hold 4 capitals), for three full turns. This will be verified by a third party from the .trn files.

Avoid exploits, and don't be a douche.

Trades are binding, other diplomacy is not.

Jimbojones: T'ien C'hi
Ragnarok-X: Man
Tiavals: Ermor
HoleyDooley: Ulm
Admiral Aorta: Agartha
Korwin: R'yleh
Ossa: C'tis
mattyburn7: Shinuyama
Jolly Roger: Vanheim
ghoul31: Atlantis

Game is ready for pretenders to uploaded HERE.

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