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Default Re: Linux Admining

OK another brain fart that worked out well...


while [ ! -f ftherlnd ]

   ls -1 *.2h |sort >list.txt

   if  ! diff list.txt oldlist.txt
     zip -9 GodSaves *
     mv list.txt oldlist.txt
     sleep 3

What it does:
This is a script I can start in a games directory as soon as I have set it up for someone. It gets around the problem that and do not activate for initial hosting.

It sits and watches for the fatherland file to exist (meaning the game has started and created its initial hosting).

If fatherland does NOT exist yet, then it watches for new pretender files (*.2h) to show up. And when a new one does then it updates the file. As soon as the fatherland file appears, it shouts GAME START and quits running.

Im thinking of adding a no-clobber to the zip command to help insure first-come-first-served. Other people overwriting uploaded gods has been a problem in some games. And the recognition of fatherland could create the games first backup which has always been missing.

In any case it has proven quite useful in restarting bad starts without forcing people to re-upload their gods.
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