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Default Re: Gas Prices

I believe the name of the man who discussed Hubbards Peak and dwindling oil reserves was Professor David Goodstein. If it was he who I saw then he made an alarming connection between increased population and dwindling resources. He also noted that increased population resulted in less freedoms and less government representation. Many states who have seen a huge increase in population still have the same number of senators that they had fifty years ago. Doing the math on this is simple, say in 1950 you had 2 Senators for a state with a population of 1 million. Today you have 2 Senators for the same state but with a population of 20 million.

He explained how Hubbards peak worked, and the bell curves for gas consumption and production. It was just about four years ago that I saw the show so forgive me if I have the name wrong. But I am pretty sure it was he who was the key note speaker. He authored the book "Out Of Gas."
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