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Default Re: Welcome Star Legacy Development Group!

I think the idea of races being different and more suited to one planet type than another should be explored more as a gameplay dynamic. Furthermore this should throw up more interesting possibilities to enrich the game universe, such as incompatible tech trees, preferrability to colonising certain planet types over others (perhaps having several distinct alien types eg insectoid, reptilian and mammalian/humanoid, aquatic/squid?, crystalline/silicon based life or AI from a long dead race) just examples that conjure up very distinct tech types and unique civilisation and govt styles in my mind. If you have say a race of insectoids they could be more favourable when meeting other insectoid races, or even AI civilisations for instance, given their robotic sense of order.

Another example woudl be.. aquatic species having a totally different tech tree to terrestrial humanoids because of the different focus and evolution of their science, by the same token it would mean aquatic races would be more suited to waterworlds anything under 30% water 70% land (depending on planet size etc) would be counterproductive to a water based lifeforms technological development and infrastructural needs. Its also important to note that stealing from such aliens if your not an aquatic species yourself will pose some major limitations. But they would be excellent in providing powerful technology in water based sciences even if your humanoid or another race that needs some tech in say enriching a planet with water or terraforming.

I would appreciate it immensely if because of this diversity, we can see some races excelling in harsher star systems that humanoids would avoid more often than not. For example a nuetron star would be lethal to humans and practically a wasteland system, but for AI it could serve up some research bonuses to its science outposts and even provide some benefits to settling on a long dead planet that circles it. This actually makes me wonder if Star Legacy will make star systems spectrally accurate ie giving different star types in the game ranging from G type stars all the way to blue giants and beyond. This would alter the options of how many planets per star type if some accuracy is to be worked into the game.

I dont know how elaborate this games stories intend on being, ie Galactic Civs II, but i would enjoy some long standing rivalries to play some role in developing a history amongs certain races. This way providing a predisposition between race types or govt styles that help the player or hinder them when dealing in the game universe diplomatically and technologicaly (eg CIV IV). Of course this feature could be disabled. However anything to add a sense of history to the race your playing cant be a bad thing, I think alot of gamers appreciate their player race not just being some forgettable rehashed alien species that has been done to death. Even if its a bug eyed alien seen on every game to date, at least some effort put in making it distinct from the pile of other bug eyed aliens in games past ie, history, govt ambitions, planet type and unique tech tree.

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