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Default Re: Welcome Star Legacy Development Group!

This sounds like it will be a superb game.

Im just wondering how colonisation of planets and hence star systems will take place. Will it be a kind of spore/light of altair type system where players allocate afew colonies on a single planet and go from there? Or will it be more like Hegemonia or Sins of a Solar Empire where each planet only gets colonised once and everything continues on from there with a population count gradually rising as improvements are developed?

Also I was wondering how the star systems would be represented visually. I was particularly impressed with Hegemonia, I mean here is a dx8 game that looks so stunning and outclasses many post dx9 games of the same genre. I just like the way the gas giants were portrayed and many were so beautifully rendered that some of the time I would zoom in and just stare at the planetscapes that were quite breathtaking. I also liked how there were various levels of habitable worlds, from acidic, barren, to terrestrial, and gaia world meaning very hospitable even more so than most earth like planets.

What dismays me is when you dont get a feel for the scope of your burgeoning stellar empire because the game makers played down the representations of the planets and made them bland and uninspiring. Anything along the lines of Hegemonia or even Nexus Jupiter incident planetscapes would keep me happy. And the more diversity in stars system layouts the better.

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