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Default Re: obat26 Afghanistan

Here is what today happens 16th of August 2021

Panic at Kabul airport

And this video of American transport plane and desperation of peoples around is a proof that nothing is under control today (drastic scenes)

Al Jazeera about this subject Airport last stand

Streets of Kabul today

British soldiers just arrive to face this last stand on airport

Street crowd opinion about performance of ANA during this war

Real accounts of internal displaced persons what's happens in countryside looks like on every war since antiqity civilians are killed (read men are shots immediately women raped and probably then killed or not)

And here story of Gul teenage girl who try save her parents

A month ago this was said about this subject by today victors about future of women's there. "Taliban wants girls above 15 to be "gifted to fighters as wives"

And here article about women soldiers of ANA They fear most to became POW and may fight to death if this last chance pace talks goes to nothing. Here their training in 2019 captured by france24 camera

Story of Women inside Afganistan who are now face uncertain future

And here probably words which summarise all this event's in short form by
Seraj Mahbouba and words to all of us on the west.

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