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Default Re: obat26 Afghanistan

And here probably words which summarise all this event's in short form by
Seraj Mahbouba and words to all of us on the west.
20 years of actual military supplementation and advanced training.
Nearly the entire Marshall's Plan worth of aid to Afghanistan.
More than 2 trillions of military intervention cost.
Aaaaaand there is Afghan government falling like a cripple from a wheelchair the second the nurse turned the head for a second.

Oh, come on woman. If in 20 years Afghans cannot be convinced to broadly understood West, nothing will convince them. Taliban won because they generally do and say what majority of Afghans really believe and want, regardless what bull**** were they previously telling to the ISAF troops shaking their hands.
Afghanistan is for Afghans, if they want it Taliban style, so be it :P
Or they had all the means to fight for it.
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