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Default Re: obat26 Afghanistan

If you look again on the movie of execution of Commandos from CNN from July further in the middle of the movie there is an evidence from local peoples that Taliban fighters talk in foreign language that may be an answer for question raised earlier that in this last stand of ANA army face also foreign fighters from outside Afghanistan.

And that is something disturbing that during this last month most capable and trustworthy soldiers of Afghan government were lured inside traps and killed without mercy probably thanks to penetration of ANA by traitors. Even Sun-Tzu mentioned that dagger stab in back or poison is more capable in war than open fight. So when Commandos units who fight moust battles in June-July were lost that is not suprise that regular army units and police simple disintegrate. They waren't fighting this war with so high morale either wasn't so well trained they have only equipment which they left and flee.

If you look on this article about Salima Mazari governor of Chahar Kint
organised a peoples militia to support ANA units and I have feeling that this wasn't an exception but happens in many parts of Afghanistan. So Afghanistan government fall but many peoples fights and now they face consequence of this I have feeling that they don't believe in promises of pace and personal security that is game now between Taliban and west who need airport secured and not attacked by Taliban.

That people resistance against Taliban from side of society is now weak but already started because broken promises of Taliban government about peace, personal security, and issue of girls taken by fighters. That may also explain now bloody riots against Taliban in Jalalabad Khost and Asadaba,
Simple Taliban top official government need international recognition and may promise many things even enforce them in Kabul but smaller warlords in provinces don't care they are interested in rape and pillage + killing of their enemies even if that is discouraged by new Taliban government in Kabul.

That is why peoples who are on proscription lists, soldiers from broken units try to starts resistance. They have no other option Taliban want them dead west selfish caring only about safety of their evacuation and airport so probably now they can't even have any help from anywhere.

Here is article about one of this last stand place PANJSHIR VALLEY
in 16 of august they start to collect vehicles and helicopters from broken units and prepare they even have their flag which is decadent from Northern alliance from 2001
Here is more about rescued vehicles and equipment

And here about arms and gear of ANA commandos in hands of Taliban

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