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Default Re: obat26 Afghanistan

Update on situation inside Afganistan

Taliban claim final conquer of Panshir Valley. And that is probably true they enter inside valley and fights if still are ongoing probably are on final bastions of resistance in mountains.

Resistance is still fighting but now lost last province

But what is interesting Taliban to have this swift victory use external resources available.
According to this video from Pakistan
  • their Cobra Attack helicopters
  • Their aircraft JF-17 Thunder
  • And Pakistani Commandos forces which were inserted by helicopters inside valley

Resistance show one photo of shot down Pakistani fighter

So such relay on external power openly without hiding it made outrage inside country and internal protest with simple phrase "Pakistani go home" so looks that was a danger move from Taliban side probably they don't care and thinking that such open show who is their ally doesn't meter now when war is nearly over.
looks that ordinary peoples does care and probably negotiation was better option because the may have now many ordinary people against their new government. For me looks like military victory for price of internal political disaster. If that will go this way no more "inclusive" government because people saw that they are only emanation of next external invader.

Brave women's made protest even earlier in 4th of September

And now they join together with angry men because Pakistani involvement
Here from London and then from Herat people shout "Death to Pakistan"

And here most disturbing video women's held on underground parking (Makeshift prison) by Taliban arrested during protests

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