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Default Re: obat26 Afghanistan

Final version of additions to Afganistan OOB
That is all what I collected about afgan army

New vehicles and units are after unit 662 with their lbm's representing vehicles in Afgan service

Pictures represents:
Pm29900.lbm to 29915.lbm Afgan armoured vehicles and guns
Pm29916.lbm to 29924.lbm ANA special forces Commandos to 29969.lbm Airforce
29970 to 29982 various variants of Ford Ranger
29983 to 30001 various variants of HMMWV
30004&30002 BMP-1 afgan service
29800 ANA ford ranger with HMG
29801 Taliban ford ranger with ZSU-23
29802 to 29806 ANA soliders with various guns
29807 to 29824 Taliban fighters with various weapons usually AK with RPG-7
29826 to 29831 Afgan army truck and amphibs

So what we have here armoured vehicles:
-Disston 6t
-Renault M17 FT
-Universal carier
-IP Carrier
-BMP-(Gun) (with zis-3)
-BMP-(ZU) (with ZSU-23)
-Citroen-Kegresse M23
-Lancia 1ZM
-T-34/85 (also covering their use during soviet intervention)

Soviet trucks:
-ZiS 6x6
-ZiL 6x6 (ZU-23)
-ZiL 6x6

American trucks:
-FMTV Truck
-2&1/2 Ton Truck

Amphib vehicles:
-BAV-485 6x6

Utility vehicles:
-UAZ Jeep
-Dodge WC51

- 107mm Type 63 from Chine early 70's

Various armed versions of:
-Ford Ranger

ANA infantery units with varius weapons gear which were sold to Afganistan last 20 years
-Polish wz.96 Beryl
-Canadian C7A1
-USA M16A2
-Russian AK47 & AK74

- 155mm M114 guns
- BTR-80 sold to pro soviet goverment in 1989 and stil in inventory of ANA and american M113A2
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