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Default Re: My first taste of World Supremacy

No not yet, but its always fun to tinker. I would say I'd play around with it a while before tinkering though as with more experience you might find different combined arms force combos that work well. I haven't played with any nukes yet. One other thing comes to mind, as the units tech rating increases maybe not only its combat factor should increase but it's damage modifier. For example a level I SAM might have a 60% damage modifier vs. Air, II SAM 80%, and Level III SAM 100%. That would really increase the advantage of increasing the Tech Level of all units, not only would they have more hitting power but a better chance of doing damage. Still some units just shouldn't be able to attack other types of units. A SAM shouldn't be able to take on a tank. The Egyptians tried that in 1973 and it doesn't work well!
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