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Fallout Re: APC Development and related topics.


The first of 589 Ajax vehicles have been delivered (Not true, that is the number to ordered.) to the Army here and full operating capability is set for 2025.

Keep in mind the above and others I've already posted concerning FOC. I'm providing the next for "contrast" to demonstrate how fast equipment dates can change and why Don and I can only do the following. Not for how it's intended here but, as to its otherwise visual impact-

This article was from the beginning of this year, again as a reminder IOC hasn't been achieved let alone by this past July as per this ref.

But say it was (IOC) just for "S*its and Giggles", I quote the last para...
"However, whatever the doomsters predict, Ajax is late but will enter service to give the British Army a highly advanced digitised vehicle fleet capable of meeting today’s threats on the battlefield in the 2024 timeframe following the completion of the demonstration phase in 2021."

Of course the manufacturer has to put a positive spin on things!!!!

Gotta walk!!!

Real quick Australian BOXER in Manufacturer trials that started in mid Oct 2020. Army also just started training with the handful they have. Refs later!!

Getting Dark!!!

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