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Angry Assassinations

Now this feature of the game is so bugged that I fear the game is unplayable for me, I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way either and can be remedied by the creators

Assassinations start with 5 bodyguards (assuming you have them) and the intended target in thier usual position. The assassin is on the other just like a normal battle.

Now this is what changes and ONLY changes from what I can see, the bodyguards will charge the enemy instead of hanging around the target. The assassin will attack and normally takes on the bodyguards.

Nothing is wrong at this point.

Then you have the target. He (1) will follow his normal army macros and cast battlefield spells etc... (2) run away if one or two of the bodyguards die.

What the hell?

1) Why would your mage with 6 levels in one magic NOT BLAST THE ENEMY INTO SUBMISSION but instead use a battlefield support spell then "wait" for several turns and die.

1.A) One solution I can think of is "banning" certain spells and orders from Assassinations. Most battlefield spells aren't good for this sort of thing, they should be "ignored" from the list of orders and they should follow the normal ai of "what is best", which normally would be alright. Also any "wait" commands should be ignored for this situation. This will allow mages to actually DO something in assasinations, instead of just sitting there waiting to die....

2) A top hero of the nation, Morale 19, Leading the troops over and over again, sees one die and decides to run leaving 4 men to take on the assasin... he leaves the battlefield and is DEAD. Totally spoiling the game.

2.A) Well getting rid of morale is wrong, but morale checks for lossing men should be removed for this. Instead, a man fails a morale check freezes for a turn (so lose a turn for a single failed morale check) or something like that. In otherwords Paralized with fear instead of running and dieing for no good reason.

I really hope this will be addressed even if my solutions aren't used because, honestly, it ruins the game.

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