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Default Re: An Awfully Audacious Akkadian AAr

The big issue will be establishing a foothold before the Elbians go town-crazy, I believe.

Notes about our opponent, the Elba:
Advantages: Cheap Towns (-3 instead of -2), Trade Depots (1+)
Disadvantages: Expensive Ziggurats (-4 instead of -3)

(Trade Outpost can be built every other tile along a river. The money they earn increases with each Trade Outpost on the board. The Elbians' first one will earn 1, next will earn 2, third will earn 3, up to a max of 5. Makes a great income source if you can hold enough river tiles.)

My prediction for how the first 5 turns may go?

Elba will push for an early citadel/bridge from the south.
Akkadia will make a bridge to the north, but then have to build a palace to stop a early Elba bridge.
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