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Default Re: New player seeking instructional PBEM game opponent

Sorry can't help you out with PBEM. It's beyond my feeble digital capabilities or inclinations. But with modest experience at SPWW2, SPMBT and a cursory glance at some Combat Mission videos (Armchair General, Krause, a few others) here's a couple observations:

1) Infantry does not cower under fire in SPWW2. Unless heavily suppressed it will fire back at its assailants. Nor is their main function simply to act as bait for enemy fire. They can be lethal, even decisive, under appropriate conditions and direction.

2) Likewise, if entrenched, infantry will not be shredded by medium mortar fire (81/82mm). Only 155mm+ artillery will cause significant casualties, and anything less will require sustained fire over several turns to compel retreat or rout. Squads with high morale and experience may defy anything except bayonet-and-grenade before they call it quits. Much the same is true for other dug-in units.

3) Tank crews will not precipitously retreat upon the first non-lethal round to hit their AFV. They will only bail out after sustaining a considerable amount of suppressive fire, often over several turns.

In short, Camo Workshop's enhancements of SP1 & 2 offer a sublime experience in combined-arms wargaming. Cheers!

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