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Default Re: OT- Rise and Fall Demo is out!!!

Saber Cherry said:
Space Rangers 2 is Starforce. I'd never buy it...
Hello, long time no hear -- just had to de-lurk on this one.

This is not the case now, SR2 is available from Stardock as a digital download with NO COPY PROTECTION. has promoted Dom3 quite a lot, by the way, so go check it out. I purchased SR2 from them and found it most entertaining, it really is quite nice.

But speaking of Demos -- can someone who knows something about computers help me please? I installed and tried the HOMMV demo (didnt like it much at all), but I cannot uninstall it, no matter what I do. I have no shortcuts anymore, but even via system -> software -> remove I get the message that it is successfully uninstalled, yet this is not the case, it is still in the list, still taking up sometihng like 700MB. Can anyone help me please? Thanks so very much!
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