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Default Re: Zeiss infantry icons mod

Originally Posted by zovs66 View Post
Originally Posted by iln82 View Post
The icons are similar to the ones in SPWaW and far superior to the SP Camo ones.
Just an FYI saying something like this is very offensive, especially to the original creators of the SP Camo icons.

Personally I like (love actually) the SP Camo Icons.

Lastly, "and far superior" is just your opinion, and you know what they say about opinions.

Sometimes a little honey is better then a spoon of fire water.
Of course it is MY opinion that they are superior (where did I say that I speak for others? ) & did I say anywhere that I expected that these should be put in the game?

Did I question their icon making skills?
No, I just said that Zeiss infantry icons were far superior.
OK should have add IMO. Sue me

Do keep in mind that I am not a native English speaker and I may have not used the correct words.
In any case I apologise for what may have been caused by my previous post and I state again that it was not intentional.

Happy now???

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