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Default Re: Pz KVII 754(r)

Interesting. So, if I get one myself, it may also fire occasional HEs against AFVs?
Open up the Armour penetration calculator in the utilities tab of GameOptions and look at the AP / Best AP and the HE / Best HE for that weapon and you will see the line is blurred with that one so depending on the target the AI may decide either will work.

If, for example, you are using it as a German Captured vehicle a 152mm round hitting ( for example ) a Lend-Lease M3 in the side there is little advantage or disadvantage to either an HE or AP round.

Either way, it would not be a good day for the crew of the M3 when a shell weighing 114 lb travelling at 1500 ft/s strikes--- HE or AP

( 5.4 megadjoules = 3,982,835 Foot-pounds Force (ft lbf)

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