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Default Re: Laurus : LA Game, Recruiting (11/15-20)

Originally Posted by Redeyes View Post
Originally Posted by Jazzepi View Post
Originally Posted by Redeyes View Post
I'll gladly join as Ulm, seeing that I just got knocked out of Madness
Haha. I'm in the process of having that happen to me as well. Hopefully I can cripple Kissblade before I'm finally eliminated D:

Hah, let us hope LA man is less of a letdown for you then.
I played LA man in the other game. It was just a problem of the fact that the preset starting positions meant that Kissblade could land his dragon on my capital on something like turn 3. I was building a 3 turn build fortress since turn 2 (or three I can't remember), but then he moved his dragon there which was pretty unlucky for me since it tore down the castle. So I spent my money on the castle, and he recruited mercenaries.

Personally I think it was a stupid game, you're stuck in this valley with another person and you HAVE to rush each other. Oh, and you know exactly where each other's capitals are.

I really prefer just more generic setups, with less crazy rules and distortions to the main game.

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