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Default Re: Routing bug?

Originally Posted by Rookierookie View Post
Why would you bother healing an immortal pretender?
It takes a longer time to recuperate afflictions than to heal them in Arcoscephale. I'm not sure what the default recuperation rate is, but if you're playing Arco, and you're not healing, you're missing out on one of their best features. With other healers, you want to get rid of Feeblemind/Mute/Blind/Lost One Eye/Chest Wound as soon as possible because those significantly impair your pretender's ability to kill things (Chest Wounds don't matter to Liches of course).

I have usually 1 to 3 priestesses set on heal permanently in my capitol and largest staging point cities at all times so that any visiting army is automatically healed. I also bring them along with traveling armies and they heal the army while they siege castles. Arcoscephalean Priestesses have a 100-score Heal rate. Their pathetic 3RP, IMO, is not worth as much as their ability to remove afflictions from units. This also easily cleans up any nasty Death magic or after-effects of starving your army (after you're back in supply surplus, of course. The priestesses also like to heal and bless units in combat.

I don't generally use Ermor's priests for healing, though I do hire a lot of them. I prefer to use them as a ranged attack force--Smiters. I use them for healing only when I have a significant problem (like disease spells, starvation effects, or repairing an SC).
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