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Default Re: Man: A Bless nation in CBM 1.92?

Originally Posted by thejeff View Post
Originally Posted by BewareTheBarnacleGoose View Post
That's true, I hadn't thought of that. But they aren't SO vulnerable that Mictlan shouldn't use them; they are its best mages, after all.

On a related note, does Magic Duel always target the strongest astral mage?
I'm about 95% sure Magic Duel always targets the strongest astral mage. Highest path, not biggest or most hp.
Yeah this is wrong. Magic duel seems to hit very random targets. As in, size 6 s4 mages can be decoyed by size 2 s1 mages levels of random. When the s4 mages are closer to the enemy. So don't rely on it hitting one thing or another, it will pick and choose itself.
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