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Default Re: Battle script substitution?

OK, let me try another one. It's to do with what mages "can" or "can't" or "won't" do.

I'm think especially of holy spells, like bless, sermon or banish.

For bless/sermon, do I detect that mages recast it even if everyone who could be has already been blessed/sermoned? I think maybe they don't if Divine Blessing/Fanaticism has been cast, but otherwise they seem to? Or does that only apply to sermon, not bless?

For banish, I could be wrong (often am!), but sometimes I see banish cast when I don't see any undead at all.

For non-holy spells which require a specific "target", if target not available, does that count as a "substitute"? Say I have "Magic Duel" scripted and there are no Astral opponents --- I guess that means he substitutes... oh dear!
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