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Default Re: My mods

Hey everybody--I'm alive! And, I've just recently bought Dom4.

I'm extremely happy and excited about the updates and increased modding-tools!

I'm still having serious health problems--nothing life-threatening, though, fortunately; and I'm on permanent medical disability, so I have some actual time! Therefore, I am going to make some efforts to convert these over, and to actually finish them. As always, don't hold your breath! We'll see how things go!

As for the above, it's still basically in effect, but please, if you have used anything here, or are interested in using anything I've made, post here in this thread, or send me an email at, because I'd like to hear about it!

I'm especially interested in brxbrx's idea, and would love to hear what you come up with!--in explicit detail, and with lots of pictures!
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