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Originally Posted by Aeraaa View Post
Originally Posted by Wdll View Post
If it was up to me, I would throw one nuke at them with a cowboy riding it.
Then move in.
I'm sure Nixon had the same thought at some point during the Vietnam war.
Nixon was known, among other things, for his "Vietnamization" policy. He called for the expansion, equipment, and training of South Vietnamese forces and their assignment to ever-increasing combat roles in the war.

That makes scenarios during his presidency interesting (historically accurate) to employ ARVN troops. Unfortunately, the US public support for the war increasingly turned ugly. As John Kerry once testified before Congress, no one wanted to be the last one killed in Vietnam.

Although, I think Nixon and his generals believed the ARVN could win with massive US firepower support, history proved them utterly wrong.

I have been following this battle, thanks for posting.

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