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Dear All,

Since we now have a mod section I thought I'd post up anything related to my ongoing mod project here.

As some of you may know I began a mod project to create a new German OOB filled with all the tech the Germans would have had from 1946 onwards. It started out as a response to a few forum members asking for an OOB that simulated a German victory at the end of the war or, at least a continuation.

Since then the mod has taken on other dimensions. So your typical "Fatherland" setting - complete with Swastikas etc - is no longer on the cards for the first release. As it is, I will make some adjustments to the mod upon its completion to allow for a continuation of the Nazi Germany OOB too for those who prefer that sort of thing. Shouldn't be too hard.

Those of you interested in all the late 40´s tech, German VTOL aircraft of the late 50s and early 60s, abandoned Bundeswehr projects etc will still find this mod to their liking as all of those goodies and a few more besides will be included in it.

Now, for some acknowledgements and an update on progress.

Firstly, I would like to thank the following forum members for their contributions to this project:

1. Oragus, thanks for the icons you made and for having inspired me to improve my own icons.
2. Pierre, thanks for your lovely icons. They too were an inspiration.
3. PlasmaCrab, thanks for your icon work for the mod and for your advice on OOB restructuring.
4. Cross, thanks for teaching me how to make soundfiles properly.
5. Troopie, thanks for your advice on the inner workings of the game, more specifically on morale and country specific dates.

Secondly, I would like to thank Andy and Don for their stirling work. Without them this mod would never have been possible. Thanks for making a game that is both fun to play and also very mod friendly.

As for progress:

Almost all of the turreted armoured units have been put into Shape files (18 at the moment). Infantry icons also completed. Aircraft, turretless vehicles and helicopters pending. OOB work set to begin soon. Will dig up my old files from 2008 and see what can be salvaged.

Am working on self propelled artillery for the Germans at the moment. Will then do some more work on aircraft - mostly transport - while editing the OOB. Am also collecting pics for LBMs.

Will, more than likely need help with the pick lists down the line as well as I am fairly sure I won't quite understand the existing tutorials. This will be the last job I plan to do before releasing the mod.

Many thanks,


- Update: 03.05.2012 -

Have finished most of the icon work on the self propelled arty.. Have coded in MBTs, SP Arty. and am working on SP Flak right now. Weapons coded in for both German OOBs. Looking forward to the infantry in July or August.

- Update: 07.10.2012 -

1) completed the first ORBAT - subject to further inspiration,
2) created a set of amphibious transports (2) for Imperial Mechanised Marines and,
3) begun work on the second - colonial and QRF -ORBAT.

- Update: 24.10-2012 -

1) re-worked both TPz. Fuchs 1 and 2 icons (there are now three variants in total: transport, anti-tank and mortar carrier),
2) created Wiesel 1 and 2 icons (Wiesel 1: 20mm and ATGM / Wiesel 2: APC),
3) and have begun collecting pictures for use as .lbm files.

-Update: 21.02.2013 -

Due to recent improvements in my over all style while re-doing my Leopard 1 series of icons I have lately been updating all my other tanks as well.

1) Completed work on Leopard 1 ("0-Serie" - 1A5)
2) Completed update of E-90 "Kaisertiger (A-F)
3) Completed update of E-50
4) Completed update of E-75
5) Have begun an update of E-100
6) Updated 1st German OOB with new Leopard models (0-Serie) and new E-90
7) Continuing work on 2nd German OOB (Colonial, Airmob. etc)

-Update: 29.12.2013 -

1) Icon work for both project OOBs (98 and 99) at present now all completed subject to one or two additions if need be
2) Progress on 2nd OOB past the armoured unit phase now at APCs etc
3) Leopard 1A5 icons now also complete and downloadable
A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

- Update: 19.07.2014 -

Work on the second "colonial/QRF" OOB is finally drawing to a close. I've completed all of the APCs (incl. two types of amphibious vehicle for the Marinetruppen and something for the Fallschirmjäger too), helicopters (transport and attack in various configurations), aircraft (VTOL and additional "Luft-46" goodies), rocket artillery and, last but not least, the usual mix of trucks, jeeps and other misc. suppt. vehicles. With any luck I'll be able to move onto the next phase - searching for and making .lbms and adding in sounds for weapons. Then it will be a simple case of adding in the .shp files full of icons and going through both OOBs one more time to make sure everything is where it should be.

Some icons - trucks and a couple of jeeps are still under development. At least one plane - listed below (Me. P. 1101/99) is also under development.

Infantry included in the second OOB:

Marinetruppen - A much bigger and better equipped Seebataillon (much like the Soviet naval troops in terms of scale)
Fallschirmjäger - also fulfill the role of airmobile infantry in my OOB
Schutztruppen - The backbone of the oversees colonial army
Kolonialpolizei - A police force for the colonies

Some of the special aircraft making an appearance in the second OOB:

Me. P. 1110
Me. P. 1101
Me. P. 1101/99
Me. XVJ 101 B
EWR VJ 101 B - E
MBB A400
Do. 31
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