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Default Re: WinSP MBT: Das Reich


As this mod has been so long in the making (no criticism, RecruitMonty, I know how long they can take, especially when you get upgrades in the interim!), I've started a 1946-49 version of my own, which will include a good deal of the projects that were being worked on/tested at the time - Schmetterling, Wasserfall, Ho 229, Ju 287, follow-ons to the earlier glide bombs etc etc. Could be a while yet: I've just finished converting my mod to V6 (yup, unit by unit), have 4 countries to go to make WW2 & MBT as fully compatible as possible, need to get the colonials that were never available because of date restrictions in somewhere (prolly Red), then Deutschland is probably next on my list - say a couple of months?

My starting point is different from Monty's, and hopefully rather simpler: the July 44 Stauffenberg plot succeeded. With no Hitler, Canaris comes out of retirement to lead a new government acceptable to the West, if not to the Soviets. There are elections confirming Canaris as head of state (which could also give rise to a nice little campaign between SS & government forces?), and the Western Allies accept the result. Accordingly, German industry is allowed to continue and develop . . . .

Richard H

PS That's the first time I've put these thoughts down, although they've been in my head for a while.
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