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Default Re: Unloading artillery in deployment map makes guns unmovable (+ another bug)

Originally Posted by dmnt View Post
Originally Posted by Imp View Post
Not a bug that is what is supposed to happen guns & vehicles seperate from there crews when loaded into air transport as they drop that way. They cannot recombine till game start so dont unload them once they are onboard.
The bug is that I can't move that piece of artillery to the hex of my choice so they'll be recombined. Of course I could probably lift the gun with an airplane and drop it then to a suitable hex, but could the unloading in the deployment phase work so that the crews are reattached on unloading if they are on the same hex?
Guns without crews and unmanned vehicles are simply decorations to the game system, and not units. The crew is the unit. So you cannot move them.

There is no "combine right now" command, combining is an administrative function buried in the end-turn code.

The moral really is be very careful what you unload off planes, since unloading vehicles/guns is a pain. You have a work-around as you mention - unload the plane at the point you want the split unit to later combine, should you subsequently decide to offload from a transport plane.

Meanwhile - I will see if there may be a way to provide a hotkey to combine non-passenger crews in the deployment phase.

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