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Default Re: Plane crash

Originally Posted by BigDuke66 View Post
Currently I'm in a PBEM and this round some P-47 made strafing runs on the enemy(China, 1951).
A lot 14,5mm AA is there and fired like crazy but the P-47 didn't get a single hit despite that 3 of them crashed, all I saw was:
"P-47 damage (20)"

Enemy had already killed a spotter but there I saw the hits and after that the plane went down.

So know I wonder what the cause of the crash of those P-47 was, was it not the AA fire or is the replay bugged or was it FoW?
If an aircraft recieved (20) damage then one should consider, it it either did not make it back to base or it crashed off map
Any damage at all, anyway = it won't be making any more sorties
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