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Default Re: Vehicle facing

All units have a primary spotting arc of the direction they are facing, with limited arcs elsewhere. e.g. in the turret arc of a tank. The limited arc goes 360 degrees, but of course with a lesser chance.

Units that are stationary do have a better chance of spotting someone coming up from behind. Especially if they are not pinned. And infantry has a better chance outside the frontal arc than vehicles do.

There are many variables as to what spots what, and we wont be specifying those in any detail since its not a simple look-up table like in the old cardboard shuffling games but an intermingled set of routines that call other routines with lots of ifs and buts.

However the best way to stop things coming in from the flank or rear unspotted is to have a secondary line of stationary unsuppressed spotters watching your flanks/rear from reasonably close, and its better if they are infantry than vehicles. Not easy to do in a wood or buildings, other than say having a flanking element positioned at each end of your line but pulled back a hex. A useful role for little scout teams, or AT rifles etc.

Of course the best way to advance in such close terrain is firstly to stonk the area you wish to advance into with your artillery. Rally up any of yours that were too close to the barrage and got pinned, then hopefully as you go in you will find stunned enemy elements that are too pinned or worse to spot your guys and then you blast them at 1 hex.
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