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Default Re: Detection of IEDs

And an EOD team at size 0 is less likely (a very little!) to trip a mine if it enters a mine hex, and being smaller also helps not to trip a mine/demolition as well - a section of 12 men is a fraction more likely to set one off as it is both size 1 and lots of men troming the ground.

An engineer type element (vehicle or foot) is less likely to detonate a mine than a non engineer unit class. Slightly less, so its not a free pass to go helter-skelter in the minefield!.

But the main thing with mines is speed - charge a unit down a road at its full 6 hexes and it is much more likely for the mine/demolition it tramples over to go kaboom. Vehicles are more likely to set them off, and fast moving vehicles even more so. So slow down to 1-2 hexes total movement if you think you are in a mined area, and stay halted as well, as stationary units are far more likely to spot mines/demolitions if they get a chance to look around rather than keeping moving.

Regular foot troops will clear mines, engineers do it better of course as they are trained for it. Troops in the smae hex (rather than facing the mine or demo hex) do it faster, if you are prepared to take the chance on moving into the mined/demlitioned hex tripping the nasties. If you do decide to enter the mined hex then wait a turn and then move the 1 hex, so you are not considered to be moving fast.

BTW - helicopters can spot mines and demolition charges as well, if low and slow. Only worth trying if the enemy permits you to bimble around low and slow of coourse.
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