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Default Re: Season\'s Greetings and Ninja Robot

llamabeast said:
I really like what you've done here Endo, it's thematically really cool.

I wonder if you would be happy to have me include an adapted version of your summons into it?

I sort of agree with the points that it's odd that spring is more death-y than autumn. However, the thunderbird as it is is really really cool!

What effect were you aiming for here? I'm not quite sure what it represents but it looks very nice.

If having end-game summons is important to people, having one big mod for several end-game summons would be a good thing. I doubt I'll be doing much more for this mod, so I'd be grateful if you did an exetended version. And yeah, I first tried making a green lion, then red-green lion, then finally ended with gold. I mean, Green Lion's description is awesome! How am I supposed to write something even better?!

I wanted to give all or most of the seasonal beings access to teleport. I didn't want to use Astral because of Magic Duel. That's one reason for Winter having Air and Fall having N4 (Moonvine Bracelet is enough for Faery Trod). Death doesn't have miscellanous boosters, so D5 is out of the spirits' reach...
IMO, Earth/Nature fits spring better than Air/Death, but I can't really change those around, can I? It seems Spring Hawk is some faery tale (, BTW.

As for Thunderbird... I was aiming for a "it looks very nice" look. After I had done it, it looked a bit like some after-image very bright light might leave for a moment. I'm quite annoyed with the sound for lightning, it isn't timed well with the hit. Same with explosion sprite. First the Thunderbird hits, then you hear the thunder, and THEN the light appears...
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