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Default Re: Season's Greetings and Ninja Robot

Originally Posted by darloth View Post
I am unsure of the balance of this (maybe that's why the summoning was removed in the first place) but for 150 gems at conj 9, they really ought to be good. If you don't want it around, PM me and I'll delete it anyway, but hopefully it'll just be a bit of work you didn't want to do / forgot about that I've done for you.
In fact, I had pretty much abandoned this project. Thanks for your interest, and update. I didn't realize I had made Primal Beast a pretender - shows how much I tested this mod.

I threw this mod together quickly, hoping that we would get an actual mod out of the supercombatant discussion. I hoped that if we got some big "Super-Combatant Balance" mod, the author(s) of that would incorporate the working ideas from this mod and that this would be quickly forgotten. Obviously that didn't happen, but I think there's still demand for a mod that adds balanced thug/super-combatant chassises for the paths that currently can't get any. I'm pretty sure someone was/is still working on a mod like that, but I can't remember who it was...
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