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Default Re: Windows Vista and Windows Seven Installation

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
Have you updated your video drivers lately ?

Video drivers is what I would suspect (unless for example, you can play MBT fine in full screen mode).

If you have changed your monitor recently, you might not have the correct colour profile file associated.

Also - I would suggest a de-fragmentation of the hard drive, and a check for disk errors. That's always worth doing every 6 months to a year or so, anyway. You can get strange results if there are "lost clusters" or even worse, bad disk sectors.

And are you trying to ALT+TAB out of the full screen game in Windows 7 - that is likely to cause problems if you are running the batch file. The batch file that kills Aero and explorer under 7 removes the facility to ALT+TAB - use the game in desktop mode windowed for full screen then, if you have the full CD game. Windowed mode is the "cure" to vista/seven problems with 256 colour palette games since it uses a 16 bit colour mode. If the game runs fine without attempts to AL+TAB off to other things then it is working as designed.

Make sure no other programmes are running (I had problems with the Avast! anti virus until I set it not to show pop-ups or whatever it was - it had various options, including a check box about not doing things if a full screen game was active which were not set by default. If it slid up one of those in the background when there was a full screen game in play it smashed the 256 colour palette). So you may have some sort of utility like that which is interfering. Try turning all these things off one at a time, disconnecting from the internet if it's your AV you are temporarily disabling of course!.

Other than that - see my post #15 above about setting up a virtual XP machine under windows 7.
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