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Default Re: British OOB7 corrections/suggestions (v.6)

My source (Magnuski's "Polish army vehicles") treated Bren-armed one as a standard, and twin Vickers one among experimantal ones. I can't find other reliable sources on the subject. My educated guess is, that Vickers-armed variant could have been used in some number by RAF for airfield protection. So, we might keep Vickers-armed variant or supplement it with Bren-armed. They probably never entered combat anyway...

211 AEC Mk I - ...
They first appeared on African theatre in 1942 (now 10/41)
David Fletcher wrote in "The great tank scandal", that due to shortages of turrets "it was thus well into 1942 before they began to appear with service units in North Africa".

I don't insist, but maybe you'd consider adding some improvised armoured Home Guard lorries like or ?
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