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Default Re: Water Queens out of the water?

Oh.. If they lose a level of water upon going up on land...

I'm not much of an Atlantis player, but I was thinking of land spells, like falling frost.

What slots does she have again? Hand, head, body, 2 misc, and no feet, right? So you could easily get her to six water, at least.

Underwater... lets see...
Quickening. It's area effect +9, and if you're heading underwater with huge numbers of cheap shamblers, or poor amphibians, it can make the initial battles easier, though you'll shortly find yourself outnumbered by powerful water mages. Put two boosters on for 6 water, and it costs you what, 20 fatigue per cast, w/o scales? And would affect oh, I'm guessing 13 squares.

On the other hand, quickening would make any attempt to swarm an underwater thug go a lot easier, what with double attacks at +3 each.

There's the classic Shark Attack, ever valuable against chaff and domspawn, although not truly area of effect.

I'm assuming you're not interested in fixed aoe1, so the last spell of note underwater is Prison of Sedna, freezing up about ten squares of enemy units. It's hard to decide whether its worthwhile for one water mage to cast this, though a few (boosted with bracelet, robe, and extra gem) water 7 queens could cast this three times a piece, locking up a large chunk of enemy forces. And if those frozen fish nuggets are in the front, then the hordes behind won't reach you so quick either.
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