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Default Re: WinSPMBT version 7.0 Upgrade patch

Originally Posted by Rich View Post
Heh, the reason there have been no more comments is because you guys said you would address it in the next patch so we've all been waiting. I do think the text is sharper and will help some. After trial and error I settled on 1024x768 which is about right for my eyes and, I suspect, for others too. I'll just keep it there but it would have been nice to be able to use a higher res.

The original mod I produced went out two years ago. Last year just before that patch went out I said

However, next year we will be doing some reorganization of the game screens and those new fonts and the required changes to the code will be included
That "reorganization of the game screens" didn't happen. We had seriously considered getting rid of 640x480 res and going with 800x600 screens and one reason that didn't happen is both Andy and I noticed a real change in text clarity with the new backgrounds that just started off as a casual experiment that we developed further when we noticed now much clearer the text looked now

The temp mod I produced still works but there aren't a lot of people who have used it and to be quite frank I thought the whole issue had faded away. Have you tried the mod with the new screens ?