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Fallout Re: WinSPMBT version 7.0 Upgrade patch

Well I know I'm about to have a couple of moments here but obviously my is winning this battle of the patch download. So go ahead and have a or two heck just enjoy yourselves and let it all out while someone, anyone it into me and gets me going down the "right path" since after a full day of this all I'm doing is : and feeling like I want to .

A) Running XP SP3 so this should be easier for me then for a Win 7 or 8 user. I get that. Have CD v1 games for both originally. WinSPMBT is-has been running w/Ver 6.0. WinSPWW2 is running with Ver. 1 (Had to reload it a couple of years ago and have not re-patched it.) both run with NO ISSUES.

1. Download from the site.
2. Have done both opened and saved the file.
3. Have extracted the files.
4. Run it.
5. Installed it to the "default path" shown C:\SHRAPNELGAMES\THE CAMO WORKSHOP\WinSPMBT.
6. Files are installing/installed successfully. However I noticed it didn't extract any old files for either game. Is that an issue?
7. Checked game(s) and Patch 7.0 is not on WinSPMBT and likewise for WinSPWW2 in regards to the Consolidation Patch. I did find the Consolidation Patch for WinSPWW2 in my program file listed separately once using the ADD/REMOVE function otherwise I don't have a clue where they're going when it says the installation is complete.
8. Cleared the "slate" of the 7.0/Consolidation patches.
9. Haven't had an issue in the past, obviously since I'm feeling I need to do this. I'm sure I missed something basic just not sure what .

And you wonder why I only deal with equipment here, look no further!?! I really need to get some sleep. Thanks in advance.