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Default Re: British OOB7 corrections/suggestions (v.6)

There's no 37mm Bofors AT-gun, which was used in North Africa. I have no precise info, when their usage started, but they were imported from Poland well before the war (BTW, the Polish soldiers were surprised to receive Polish guns at Tobruk).

059 2 Pdr AT-Gun - according to 'Anti-tank weapons WW2 Fact Files' by Chamberlain/Gander it entered service in 1938

216 25mm Portee, 591 2 Pdr Portee - have a photo of bigger 6pdr portee. Correct for 2pdr is 12536

218 6 Pdr Portee - has a photo of 2pdr - correct is 12532

Also, nice photo of 3in mortar is 601
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