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Default Re: British OOB7 corrections/suggestions (v.6)

Originally Posted by Pibwl View Post
There's no 37mm Bofors AT-gun, which was used in North Africa. I have no precise info, when their usage started, but they were imported from Poland well before the war (BTW, the Polish soldiers were surprised to receive Polish guns at Tobruk).

What's Weapon 15 - 37mm MkI Bofors then ?


..........were used mainly by 3rd RHA and 106th RHA (Lancashire Hussars) within 7th Armoured Division........and it was often carried "portee" on the back of a vehicle, although a separate limber was provided and had a crew of 5.

shortly before the start of the war the Sudanese Government bought a number of 37mm Anti-Tank guns from AB Bofors of Sweden and when war broke out, these were made available to the British Army in the Western Desert

We use it with unit 252 " LRDG Chevy ATG" which represents it's typical application. If it was used by the Poles as an AT gun in the desert then it needs to be in the Polish OOB for that time period.

What we missed with unit 252 is that the 37mm could fire HE and YES I have aleady made a note to fix the Icon used for that unit

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