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Default Re: What makes this game worth $40 more than any other roguelike?

Originally Posted by DakaSha View Post
I haven't actually gotten a single answer as to what makes this title worth the 40 bucks in comparison to other titles that cost nothing/next to nothing, unless you count the interface thing which isn't even valid.

Just a bunch of to-be-expected fanboysim and arguments to support devs by spending more (though not an actual comparative REASON to spend more).

The bulk of fanboy bs here could just as well be applied to some minesweeper clone. "I got x hours of enjoyment out of it, so it's worth 40 bucks even though there is a free version that comes with windows."

Horrible. Will not buy for this price, and I'm suspecting I am not the only one.
Geeze, then don't ****ing buy it then. You seem to be keen on pissing in the well. It's a fun game, it's worth 40 bucks. I'm a grown *** man, not a "fanboy".
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