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Default Re: What makes this game worth $40 more than any other roguelike?

Here's why I didn't buy Approaching Infinity for 40$: I got it from KickStarter and the tier I chose was below that one.

Would I have paid 40$ for it otherwise? I don't know, that's a hard question because outside of KickStarter things and bundles I generally don't buy many games (something like 1, maybe 2, per year). So maybe yes, maybe not.

Can the price appear steep to some? Yes, it can. There are people in the countries where they earn something like 400$ a month or less and though that is enough for them because of the currency that is being used in their country, it gets worse when it comes to buying stuff online.

But in the end, “each to their own”. I've seen games sell for 70$ and I've seen games not sell for 1$ (and obviously I've also seen the opposite in both cases, too). Though considering the amount of time one can spend on a game belonging to that particular genre, 40$ is potentially money well-spent when it comes to this game.
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