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Default Re: Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

The problem is I need to check every scenario ( there are 14 that do ) and every campaign ( checking that is a BIT more complicated ) to see if they are used and if so, make adjustments to every one of them right from repurchasing the unit and checking if it had assigned targets before being removed and replace and noting where that is and when, Just ripping things out without doing that generates "bug" reports I don't want or need and then there will be the inevitable "BUG!" reports from players who don't follow the forums or read the release notes " Why doesn't the US have gunships anymore ????"

So this *idea* is far from being a "done deal"

As well they don't have stay "green" in a game or scenario. Just buy them from the Green OOB as captured and they will use the USA EXP and MOR values and ID tag. The same thing goes for the German units in the SPWW2 Blue OOB

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