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Fallout Re: Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

Quotes taken from Ref. 1 Others support Ref. 1.

I've been saying and posting for years now, that the F-35 series is not operational for a large number of reasons. I have also pointed out one of the biggest and most important reasons, it wasn't was because the "Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS), which manages prognostics, maintenance, supply chain, flight operations and training" for the aircraft had very serious problems associated with it to where the F-35 series wasn't even able to carry all the weapons it was designed for due to "conductivity" issues even down to receiving the proper parts to support them.

As of January 2020..."ALIS had become notorious for problems. In January, the US Government Accountability Office said in a report that the system had 4,700 open deficiencies. Those issues included inaccurate or missing data, challenges deploying the system, a need for more personnel than anticipated, an inefficient issue resolution process, poor user experience, immature applications and ineffective training, the report said."

I have posted on the next for the last couple of years or more..."Operational Data Integrated Network (ODIN) hardware, an initial step in replacing the stealth fighter’s troubled support system."

As the article points out the USMC will be the first to OPEVAL and work out the bugs that might remain in the system.

First F-35B flew with ODIN on 09 OCT. 2020.

So with quotes from the article included above I end with the BEST FOC DATE SO FAR for the F-35 which happens to be close to my predicted earliest date of mid-2023 for FOC.

I cannot emphasize how important ODIN is to the FOC of the F-35. Except to resubmit the DID status article if available.
"ODIN is to replace the F-35’s Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS), which manages prognostics, maintenance, supply chain, flight operations and training for the aircraft. ODIN is not expected to reach full operational capability until December 2022."

And that realistically puts FOC for the F-35 in 2023 earliest.

Emphasis on the "not expected to" part, but it's better then what we've ever had since the initial predictions of FOC.

The DID article is unavailable at this time I imagine it might be getting updated.

Before I forget, no word from NAVAIR on FOC for the F-35B/C. And we've already had the discussion concerning what NAVAIR is in charge of as my "Marine Buddy" can verify.

I forgot to add the NAVAIR site when originally posted.

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