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Default Re: Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

OK, so we won't see FOC in the US Air Force or US Navy till apx. 2023 Both of which have FAR more aircraft to manage then the USMC and for different reasons REQUIRE a fully operational logistic chain. Naval procurement has to support ships where you can't just deliver replacement parts willy-nilly. And the USAF just plain doesn't do anything "on a shoestring".

The USMC on the other hand is rather use to operating with limited logistic support, already has, and has used on combat, F-35Bs.

So I'll propose the following:
Unit# 583 F-35C Ltng II - Dates 1/123-12/125
Unit# 584 F-35C Ltng II - Dates 1/123-12/125
Unit# 585 F-35B Ltng II - Dates 1/123-12/125
Unit# 587 EF-35C Ferret - Dates 1/123-12/125
Unit# 940 E/A-18G Growler - Dates 7/109-12/122

The rest stays as is (with 7/118-12/125 dates). This eliminates all F-35Cs from the OOB till 2023 as well as the most "high tech" F-35 variant (which is based on the F-35C).

Sound good Don?
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