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Fallout Re: Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

With all due respect, I would ask you to maintain UNIT #940 until DEC 2025. I base this on the following article from DID concerning the EA-18G "GROWLER" for another upgrade to that jet by adding a "NEXT GEN JAMMER" with an estimated completion date of SEP 2021. It's not going anywhere soon by my best guess.
(See "NAVY" section Para 6, I believe.)

Also the F/A-18EF also lookS to be safe as well past 2025. We've been ramping up production of them to meet domestic (New birds.) and foreign evaluations and possible sales as the lead article is showing concerning Finland.

As you can see both articles are "locked" due to them having been updated first for subscribers. Should be available in a few days or less to us mortals.

What the USN/USMC is doing for HORNET, the USAF is doing for the F-15. From the 15 OCT edition (Just click on that date on the calendar.)...

"The US Air Force’s Air Combat Command has approved external link the GBU-53/B Small Diameter Bomb II for F-15E operational flights. The press release from Eglin Air Force Base says the weapon is expected to be field on the F/A-18E/F later this year. The GBU-53B StormBreaker, which entered operational testing in 2018, is a small diameter bomb that features a multimode seeker to guide the weapon with infrared, millimeter-wave radar and semi-active lasers in addition to or with GPS and inertial system guide. The Air Force’s fielding decision means F-15E squadrons can now be equipped with the weapon. The Navy and Marines intend to use it on their versions of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter."
As linked from the above.

As the name "implies" a "bad day" for the intended target.

Also for further backing...
I turn to SWITZERLAND and "to be clear" these are just offerings to fulfill their Air2030 Program.

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