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Exclamation Re: Vehicle flamethrowers

Originally Posted by Kiwikkiwik View Post
8 vehicles were captured on Luzon in summer of 45 so maybe game end date of 1937 could be extended.
No. Read the game notes. There are two versions of that vehicle. The SS Ki with flamethowers that ends 8/37 with the info
The vehicles were used as flamethrower tanks during what the Japanese referred to as the North China Incident in 1937 but for later battles, they were exclusively used as engineering vehicles.
which is why there is the 537 SS Tei Gata was added as a version of the vehicle without flamethrowers. The "error" is that there is a one month gap between the two and my intent was to keep the line continuous so the SS Ki still ends in 8/37 and the Tei Gata now starts 9/37.

I will look through this all ( eventually ) and apply any info I think will make any difference to game play.

The original SSI OOB's had two weapon classes for flame weapons and two basic types one infantry and one vehicle and I assume the vehicle version was given a general 2 hex range to allow vehicles the "luxury" of not having to be adjacent for the reason Imp gave in post #3 and for over two decades that's been accepted game design and it works apparently for 99.99% of players so rest assured there will NOT be 21 different flame throwers added to the game. One hex or two is all that's needed as this is and was always intended to be "a game" not a historical simulation and no matter what we do SOMEBODY will think we should have done something differently. What I will do is look at the code and see if there are any significant differences between the way WC 8 "infantry Flame" and WC 9 "Vehicle flame" are applied in the game.

Also, ANY idea that ends with "attaching OOB files to the scenarios." to accommodate OOB changes will NEVER, EVER be implemented.

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