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Default Re: British OOB7 corrections/suggestions (v.6)

Minor things, for 2021 release. I'm just reading "Tempest in Action", and there is some information about Typhoons.

729 Typhoon IA - bombs were adapted in late 1942 only (now 9/41). Early Typhoons were mostly used as interceptors or strafers. It says, that "ater extensive trials, the Typhoon was finally cleared to carry two 500 pound bombs under the wings and by September of 1942, Nos 181 and 182 Squadrons became he first to equip with what were sometimes known as Bombphons". But it would be Typhoon IB rather, with 20 mm cannons (icon 8307).
For bomb armed Typhoon, there is photo 8368.

Possibly it's better to make IA strafer a separate unit, so that removing of bombs from 729 unit doesn't interfere with scenarios.

183 Typhoon IB - 1000lb bombs were used operationally from early 1944 only (trials were begun in 4/43, and "it was a year later, however, before Typhoons used 1000 pound bombs in action").
It could rather use an icon with stripes, especially, that it uses early earth/green scheme.

95 Typhoon IB - photo 2354 has invasion stripes, while this is pre-6/44 unit, while 731 Typhoon IB is post-6/44 unit and has photo 850 without stripes - they might be swapped for a cake of consistency with icons.

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