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Default Re: YT channel with penetration simulations

Looks like you would need a special oil-filter cap hit rule as well...

Also, the 4 production test plates varied - 61, 65, 67 and 70mm. So you will need a rule for determining each individual tank's armour suite since it is rather variable. The opposite of most wargamers who insist that armour for tank X on facing so and so is always precisely 127.567 mm because some book says so.

Myself, I found the early WRG 1/300 tabletop rules worked perfectly well with thier broad-brush classification of armour being from class "F" (thinnest - halftracks and armoured cars) through class "A" which was King tiger (and others) frontal, the tiger 1 was C front and sides.

We will stick to whole centimetres, unlike some who believe it is more accurate/realistic to use individual mm increments. When 2 tanks off the same asseembly line can be a cm of thickness different.
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