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Fallout Re: YT channel with penetration simulations

I STRONGLY agree with Marks assessment and would add that for a tank like the T-72 which has been in action for decades you would have to further make changes for all the "generational" versions for those tanks over the decades as i.e. in a RESET version such as the T-72B3/B4 any previous code changes would have to be "thrown out the window".

Also it's important to note, that we're not likely to find any current videos (Or other.) data that would cover any penetration levels, deflection or other data for current and likely at least 2 or more previous generations of armor (As previous generations is how you go from "here to there".). Why?

Reverse Engineering.

And finally the data just doesn't exist for every tank out there. We still don't know a thing about Japans TYPE-10 and good luck trying to find anything reliable on that!

Another case for KISS in my opinion. We know more about ammo on the web than armor overall. But with both we can at best, only "read between the lines" of what we can find on the web.

And DOD, MOD or WHoOD whatever, aren't going to tell us either anytime soon.

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